CIC Theater offers a 4 level long-form improvisation class structure

CIC Theater offers advanced improvisation classes to improvisers who have completed either the iO or Annoyance training programs.  The classes are designed towards individual growth, rather than the teaching of a doctrine.  Each eight week level will focus on a different aspect of ensemble improvisation

Classes will be broken into the following levels:

1- The Scene: Two person scenes. The building blocks of any long-form show

  • Playing the dynamic, not the plot.  
  • Developing characters through emotional point of view.
  • Identifying strengths, and working on expanding range.

2- The Show: The elements of play necessary to make a long-form show successful

  • Exploration, heightening, connections, expansion within the piece.

3- The Ensemble: Defining of roles that exist within an improv ensemble

  • Working collaboratively within a group of performers
  • Recognizing and addressing the needs of a collective performance
  • Considering performer types and tendencies with a preference toward developing flexibility

4- Performance Level: Individual feedback 

  • Honing strengths in both scene and show work.
  • Challenging growth in other areas.                

Includes 8 weeks of performances (including show notes from instructor)                

Each class will run for 8 weeks and will be limited to 16 students.

Cost is $250 per class.

All Levels will be offered in succession on the same day, at the same time.

For additional information, contact Farrell Walsh at:

Session 6

Level 1- Mondays 7-10PM, beginning 11/13

Level 2 Tuesdays 7-10PM beginning 11/14

Level 3  Saturday 3-6PM beginning 11/18

Level 4 Sundays 1-4PM beginning 11/19

Classes Offered:

Level 1 - The Scene

Mondays 7-10pm
Class dates 11/3-1/22
(no class 11/20, 12/25, 1/1)

Students must have completed either the iO Theater or Annoyance Theater training program.

This program is designed to be taken as one unit.
All levels(1-4) will meet Mondays 7-10pm

Students will also have a performance opportunity on the 2nd Wednesday of each month at 8pm

Farrell Walsh

Level 2 - The Show

Tuesdays 7-10PM beginning 11/14

Students must have completed CIC Level 1.

Kyle Bethea

Level 3 - The Ensemble

Saturday 3-6PM beginning 11/18

This program is designed to be taken as one unit.
Prerequisite-CIC Levels 1 and 2

Jorin Garguilo

Level 4 - Performance Level

Sundays 1-4PM beginning 11/19

Students must have completed CIC Levels 1, 2, and 3.

Farrell Walsh