Process: An Improvised Play

PROCESS gives you a peek behind the scenes of a unique play. 

You'll witness the entire production process from the auditions to the curtain call of closing night as an improvised three-act play unfurls before your eyes.

Each show is completely improvised!

Quotes about past productions of PROCESS:

"my favorite was the spirited debut performance of a new form called Process"..."Improv this good can't help but put a smile on your face." -Timeout Chicago

"the improvisers use their own experience to flavor the rehearsal process with director's notes, off-stage relationships interfering with scene dynamics and theatrical hubris. The result is a piece with genuine character-building and enough laughs to rival any scripted show." -New City Stage

Process boasts a cast of some of CIC's very best performers.
Damian AnayaMeghan BabbeJorin GarguiloLibby SchreinerGeorge Serad, Bill Stern, & Mark Logsdon.


April 24
The Blender
April 27
CiC Open Mic