December 9th at 12 PM


Sticking to it!

Improv Workshop with Emma Pope

In this unique workshop, players will explore point of view and relationship by diving deeply into the information presented at the beginning of each scene.  By examining nonverbal communication, actors are relieved of the need to "invent the funny" of the scene, and discover a truer, more honest way to play.  Ideal for players of variety of levels, this workshop will help ground your performances in authentic human experience.  

Feedback from a recent student, Anthony Branson:

"I was expecting an exercise to gear us into gleaning laughs or creating big, bombastic characters, but it wasn't. She really made us stop and consider the relationship in a scene. We discovered the emotion and, in a super stripped down way, worked inside those scenes, holding on to that root emotion. Exposing that made it so much more powerful and intimate. It was scary and exhilarating, like great improv should be."

limited to 16 students